Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Three Things about Me - week four posts A & B


“He could have promised her the moon, told her not to be afraid, that he would watch over her forever” (131) this quote from the book is the beginning of Sam and Roses’ relationship. He had been following her around while she was downtown at clubs, to ensue her safety, when she ended up coming to his safety after getting in a fight. From then on, their relationship as close friends, to an engaged couple quickly gets stronger. This led to Rose moving into Sam’s house on the thought of her being pregnant.

One emerging theme from the book is to not rush your relationship with people you’ve met, because people don’t always show their true self to you right away. Because, after knowing someone for a while, they can really turn out to be someone opposite of what you first thought.


Currently in the book, Charlotte and Rob, the manager of all the trainees, have been slowly getting closer within their relationship. Starting on page 186, Rob has been assisting Charlotte with her previous job’s file of sexual harassment, the reason she moved from Salzburg to Alcombe, and why she’s now training to become a manger. I find this odd because the examples of sexual harassment filed against her old boss, Michael Miller, are the similar things going on with her current boss Rob. During work, Charlotte finds him watching her sexually. Most recently, he’s regularly called her into his office to have one-on-one meetings about how she can advance in the company improve her salary. But, the real reason Rob is calling her in is his desire to converse with her further. Rob greatly wants to become more then friends with Charlotte. Because of that, he becomes very off-task at work which causes the other trainees along with Charlotte to be behind in their training process. This change in their relationship is very hard to miss by the other trainees. But, Rose in particular notices the most. She is also not doesn’t tend to agree and work well with Charlotte. In order to mess with Charlotte, Rose begins to talk to Rob more frequently. Charlotte, whom remains almost clueless to the whole scheme, believes that Rob doesn’t see her as important as she does him. This results in Charlotte slowly losing her love relationship with Rob, even though nothing between him and Rose is present.

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