Sunday, October 7, 2007

Week three, part two

Throughout the book A Long Way Gone, it has brought me through many different emotions. In parts where I am hardly able to read through the gruesome details and wounds of the refugees to other parts where I can't get enough of Ishmael's firsthand life with rebels against him and being forced to fight as a soldier. This book has many strengths in the sense where it is for the most part very action packed, bringing you through countless war zones and battles which could not be predicted, and are barely imaginable. But, that also creates a weakness. Most of the battles described by Ishmael are hard to picture as I read because I've never heard, or read anything like this of any kind. It is completely different from any other war story I've read. But, in ways that also is a strength. This book is hard to get tired of from its constant surprises and the inner thoughts of a young soldier boy who's practically left alone in a world that he can't change, or get away from.

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